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Top Tips for Grooming your Wedding Guest List

Deciding who to invite to your wedding is fun, and a challenge. Don’t tear your hair out or getting into rock ‘em sock ‘em fights with your partner or parents about it. Get organized instead.
Following these Top Tips will help you have the guests you want and stick to your budget.
1. Prioritize your list Right from the start, make yourself a list with three columns for different types of guests: Family, Friends, Frills. Use it to write down who you would want to invite if your budget were limitless and the venue enormous. 
In the Family column, put close family first, and more distant relatives below. In the Friends column, list the friends you really want to be there. And in the Frills column, list anyone else, such as colleagues, co-workers and neighbours, who you would like to include if your budget stretches that far, but who aren’t vital for your happiness. 

2. Check it twice, then edit it down Add up the numbers, then think again about who of these people you want to invite, wh…